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Destination Updates

Paharpur: SGL Largest Buddhist Monastery (World Heritage Site)

Pharpur, Naogaon, Bangladesh

Sumpura Vihara at Paharpur, Relies of glorious part of Bengal under the Pala Dynasty during the 8th century CE. Excavations at this historic site exposed to the view the single largest Buddhist monastery in the world having........

Wari-Bateshwar: 2500 Years Oldest Buddhist City

Norsingdi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The upcoming archaeological wonder of Bangladesh Wari-Bateshwar, is the site of an ancient fort city dating back to 450 BC situated in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. This 2500 years old site is a significant archaeological discovery.......

Cox's Bazar: 123 kilometer world  largest unbroken sea Beach

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar is about 123 km unbroken longest natural sea beach in the world. Many colorful Pagodas and Buddhist tamples and are inhabited by many tribal people who have their own distinct customs and traditions....


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