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Member Organization of TDAB


All the service providers of the country who are directly or indirectly involved with the tourism industry are eligible for membership. Primarily identified organizations are as follows:

01.     Tourism Organization.

02.            Tour Operators

03.            Travel Agents.

04.            Resort Companies.

05.         Hotels.

06.         Motels, Cottages and Guest Houses.

07.         Restaurants and fast food shops serving tourists.

08.         Moneychanger.

09.         Land, Sea and Air transport providers.

10.         Tourism training institutions.

11.         Voluntary tourism association and personalities

12.         Tourism related filmmakers and publishers.

13.         Entertainment providers targeting tourists.

14.           Tourism consultant & infrastructure developers



01.       An independent and effective tourism ministry

02.     Introduction of registration system for all the genuine tourism stakeholders/service providers by the authority.

03.        Implementation of the ‘Tourism Policy’ of the government modified in 2010.

04.  Active involvement of private sector to encourage and solve the identified problems of industry.

05.     Inclusion of private sector to the National Tourism Council as well as Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB) and make them functional.

06.     Promotion of tourism industry outside Bangladesh by establishing information cell in all diplomatic missions serving abroad.

07.      Development of infrastructure facilities for Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Sundarbans, kuakata, Hill Districts and others important and undiscovered tourist spots.

08.   Special crush program for upgrading the infrastructure facilities of prospective tourist hubs.

09.     Introduction of tourist security guard or police likes many other countries of the world.

10.    Identification and necessary action against those unskilled tourism organizations that deceive tourist and misuse the same facilities.

11.   Exclusive tourist zone or tourist village in Dhaka primarily and then to other destinations

12.     Permanent reception and information desks at international airports managed by the govt. approved tourism associations.

13.    Tourism awareness activities by using mass-communication media and buildup a regular and independent publications department.

14.     Creation of such mechanism which help instant tourism development at any time and anywhere in Bangladesh.


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