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TDAB History

TDAB History:

In the tourism prospective, Bangladesh is a land of wide rivers, lakes, green fields, dense forests, hills, virgin beaches and beautiful islands. Rural Bangladesh is full of birds and butterflies, trees and bushes. It has also the largest mangrove forests and unbroken longest sea beach of the world. That is why it is considered that the world tourism can be attracted here.= 

However, to develop tourism industry in Bangladesh priority should be given on the following issues: 

  1. The government should put much effort to develop tourism infrastructure.
  2. The foreign missions of Bangladesh have to be taken responsibility of promoting tourism in respective countries. 
  1. Public & private sector should be working together in respective fields.
  2. Appropriate measures should be taken to grow public awareness to the tourism industry.
  3. Investors should be motivated and patronized by the respective authorities both nationally and internationally. 

Therefore, the TDAB has been established to make sure that there is a strong relationship between private and public sectors. It also intends to create an environment which ensures the quality trade practice by providing better services to the tourists.


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